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Ingenious Comparison App accelerates the global Audi A3 training program




The Audi A3 Compare iPod Touch App enabled Audi sales teams to compare 2 to 5 products based on a set of questions.

Data was collated in a statistical tool, which produced numerous visual graphs, that made it easy for teams to view the results.

What we did:

– Creative concepts
– Specification
– Architecture
– Wire-framing
– UX & UI Design
– User Interface
– Web Service development
– Content Management System (CMS)
– App development
– App deployment (internal)


– CakePHP
– Content Management System (CMS)
– Objective C


– Support for 2 to 5 products
– A browser-based reporting tool
– CSV export for easy import into Microsoft Excel
– An engaging rating mechanism; users simply dragged the products onto a podium
– Graphical and tabular output with filtered results
– Unlimited number of rating criteria and language capabilities

Interested in working with us?

Interested in working with us?