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Tech accelerates Audi's global vehicle sales training




The Product Experience Photo App included both Participant and Trainer iPad Apps linked to a server application. The Trainer Apps included functionality that enabled the screen to be shared on an Apple TV.

The purpose of the Participant Apps was for learning the features of a vehicle. Participants photographed 3-6 of the most important features and had a time limit of 7 minutes to complete the exercise.

After 7 minutes the results were downloaded to the Trainers App where the results could be viewed on an Apple TV by all participants.

What we did:

– Creative concepts
– Specification
– Architecture
– Wire-framing
– UX & UI Design
– User Interface
– Web Service development
– Content Management System (CMS)
– App development
– App deployment (internal)


– CakePHP
– Content Management System (CMS)
– Objective C


– Group selection (by Trainer) total 8 groups
– Automatic country list and language selection
– Random training exercises are generated for each group session
– Each exercise is automatically assigned only once per group
– The number of photos (3-6) can be defined for each exercise in the admin area
– Display of a countdown bar (7 min.) to help user estimate the time remaining
– Administration of Trainer logins
– Administration of exercises
– Management of the number of pictures per exercise
– Administration of countries and languages
– API to the Photo App
– API to Trainer the App

Interested in working with us?

Interested in working with us?