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Audi shakes up their global training program




The Audi Way iPod Touch App was specifically designed for a group training environment.

A random question or idea was presented on screen when the iPod Touch was shaked, facilitating an open group discussion.

The App was programmed to ensure each group did not receive the same question twice.

What we did:

– Creative concepts
– Specification
– Architecture
– Wire-framing
– UX & UI Design
– User Interface
– Web Service development
– Content Management System (CMS)
– App development
– App deployment (internal)


– CakePHP
– Content Management System (CMS)
– Objective C


– A browser based reporting tool
– CSV export for easy import into Microsoft Excel
– An engaging shaking mechanism; users simply shaked the iPod Touch to receive a new question
– Graphical and tabular output with filtered results
– Unlimited number of rating criteria and language capabilities

Interested in working with us?

Interested in working with us?