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Your Skin Diary App built and released on App Store within 3 weeks




We were approached by DMK after 4 digital marketing firms turned down the project because of the short time frame.

DMK had booked full page advertisements in leading national magazines, with celebrity endorsement, to promote this App. It was late November 2011 and the advertisements were being published in January 2012.

The deadline was further restricted as the Apple App Store closed for a period of 2 weeks in late December due to Christmas.

We accepted the challenge and delivered this project leveraging components from previous projects. We even included an Augmented Reality (AR) DMK clinic finder and live UV index datafeeds!

The client was incredibly grateful of our efforts. Their App went live on the App Store in time for the magazine release. The project was a huge success.

DMK’s Your Skin Diary App helped users to not only gauge the level of UV so they knew when they needed skin protection, but it also captured and tracked their skin from one season to the next. By taking a quick snap shot of the skin concern (using the iPhone camera) — freckles, moles, scars, fine lines etc. the user could file and date their images (taking notes of the location and size over time) ready to compare before and after treatments!

The App had a reminder function with push notification, so a user knew when next to check their skin. It also featured a clinic finder (with AR) to help the user easily locate the DMK clinic for their next skin appointment.

What we did:

– Creative concepts
– Specification
– Architecture
– Wire-framing
– UX & UI Design
– User Interface
– App development
– App Store deployment
– Web Service development
– Content Management System (CMS)
– API integration
– Ad-server integration


– CakePHP
– Content Management System (CMS)
– Objective C
– Open X Ad-server


– Camera integration
– Add to Calendar
– Social Media integration
– Push Notifications
– Open X Banner integration for management, control, upload and display of all mobile banners for promotional purposes
– Photo Gallery
– Skin Clinic Finder with Augmented Reality (AR) view
– UV Index data feed integration

Interested in working with us?

Interested in working with us?