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An interactive trade show App in 2 days



When the client first contact us they said:

We don’t know whether it’s possible but we need an engaging and interactive iPad App to distribute at a trade show. 

We will also need to upload regular video interviews taken live from the trade show and have these viewed in the App with only a short delay; minutes as opposed to hours.

The challenges and obstacles that we overcame whilst working on the project were:

Receiving no artwork or content until late Friday evening, with the trade show starting on Monday morning. The client had no printed material, so literally no backup plan if we failed.

Many stakeholders involved, all with their own opinion on how it should work.

The aspect of the project that we are most proud of:

The team was available for 72 consecutive hours, across three international time zones, and produced a fully completed, interactive and engaging iPad App that went beyond the client’s expectations. 

We also remained available for the duration of the trade show in order to receive live video footage from the show and update it seamlessly to the iPad App so that visitors to the stand at the trades how could view video interviews and testimonials taken ten minutes previously.

The impact that we made to our clients life and business:

We removed their stress in trying to come up with a solution and assisted them in achieving their objective despite working within an extremely tight deadline.

We were able to turn around the production of an iPad App within 3 days, thereby allowing the client to look professional, cutting edge and on the pulse of new technology. 

This also allowed them to showcase their products in a new, exciting, and environmentally friendly way.

During and after the project the client was most impressed with:

Our ability to work constantly until the App was produced. They were also impressed by our ability to work with them remotely during the trade show, allowing them to have video interviews from the day broadcast to the App and instantly available.

They stated our attitude from the start was so positive, it was infectious, and that partnerships, like we had with them, was very few and far between.


Helen Flood

Marketing Manager Kingspan

“I want to say a massive thanks to you for the mammoth efforts and achievements you made on behalf of Kingspan – it is awesome to think at the COB on the Friday we had an empty shell of an App and when we opened the stand at 8am on Monday we had a fully functioning, excellent App!

I am very grateful for the positive spirit in which you managed this project and your ‘can do’ attitude (and Brett I am appreciative of the many hours you spent talking me through everything over the phone – what patience!) – I look forward to working more with you again in the future and will certainly recommend your work to others.”


IT Systems Analyst Kingspan

“I found that the solution for the iPad App for our business was a much easier tool to present all the relevant information into one App and device for the sales team to use.  Other solutions would have relied on a server at head office, various middleware and a laptop to function. Traditionally, this would have been a massive undertaking across our entire sites globally in our division. Time and man power to physically install on laptops or desktops.

I found that the application for the iPad was very easy to use, install and manage via our hardware and software deployment tool for the iPads.  Very impressed with the look, feel and functionality of the App.”

Georgie Cousens

Managing Director Ideaseed

“My knowledge of Apps is very limited but on the project they completed for me, I have to say Brett and Matt were a pleasure to work with – they have a very good work ethic and made things happen without charging the earth.”


What we did:

– Creative concept
– UX & UI Design
– Content creation and publishing
– iPad App development
– App installation (internal)


– CakePHP
– Content Management System (CMS)
– Objective C


– Content Management System (CMS)
– High performance and secure hosting
– Unlimited issues publishing
– Unlimited articles
– Start page video or image gallery
– Start page twitter or rss feed
– Interactive help page
– Contact page
– Tagging content for categorizing
– Embedding web links
– Embedding images
– Embedding image galleries
– Add event to calendar
– Page layers
– Embedding audio
– Embedding videos
– Embedding image animations
– Embedding slide elements
– Embedding 360 slide images
– Notes
– Forms
– Issues overview
– Issues filtering and search
– Article overview
– Article quick jump
– Bookmarking
– Social media sharing (Twitter, Facebook, email)
– Recommendations and comments
– Publishing of free content
– Push Notifications

Interested in working with us?

Interested in working with us?