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Slick photo iPad App bolsters Audi A3 experience training




The Product Experience Photo App included both Participant and Trainer iPad Apps linked to a server application. The Trainer Apps included functionality that enabled the screen to be shared on an Apple TV.

The purpose of the Participant Apps was for learning the features of the new Audi A3. Participants photographed 3-6 of the most important features and had a time limit of 7 minutes to complete the exercise.

After 7 minutes the results were downloaded to the Trainers App where the results could be viewed on an Apple TV by all participants.

What we did:

– Creative concepts
– Specification
– Architecture
– Wire-framing
– UX & UI Design
– User Interface
– Web Service development
– Content Management System (CMS)
– App development
– App deployment (internal)


– CakePHP
– Content Management System (CMS)
– Objective C


– Group selection (by Trainer) total 8 groups
– Automatic country list and language selection
– Random training exercises are generated for each group session
– Each exercise is automatically assigned only once per group
– The number of photos (3-6) can be defined for each exercise in the admin area
– Display of a countdown bar (7 min.) to help user estimate the time remaining
– Administration of Trainer logins
– Administration of exercises
– Management of the number of pictures per exercise
– Administration of countries and languages
– API to the Photo App
– API to Trainer the App

Interested in working with us?

Interested in working with us?